Metal/hardcore Monday!

Within Destruction

Metal/hardcore, is not a cup of tea everyone wants to drink, but still is a style of music with talent and skill. A hard scene to jump into, but those who are heavy players have crafted an artform. Based on skill, sound and even unique ability they demonstrate. This is a tribute to a band that are in that style which I own no rights, all my opinions and thoughts. Metal Monday 

Photograph: Mlenny/Getty Images

A Slovenian metal band that might watch anime? Those are the vibes that this band gives, not saying it is a bad trait. Exact opposite, two wonderful medias that tend to intertwine. “Within destruction” is just that, a Death core/ slam band. With their newest album drawing heavy influenced by Japanese aesthetic. Hailing from Jesenice, a city in Slovenia and a central Europe country near the Adriatic Sea. “Side note had no idea where Slovenia is, had to figure out” just the run of mill central Europe death metal band.  

Within destruction demonstrates unique sounds that satisfy internal needs and releases that pent up anger. Trying to emulate their sound would hurt most common folk’s vocal cords but doesn’t halt sing along. With some of the harshest vocals and growls and a crafty spin on their trade. Rok’s voice is not just the strong point of this band, some of the best elements come from the blending of genres flawlessly. Incorporating edm and trap, with their harsh double guitars and pig squeals. 

All aside, even if metal isn’t a type of music generally sought after, credit is due. Stripping down and removing the vocals leaves nothing but masters of guitars. Crafted and honed, making a final product to be awe inspiring skill set. Planting the seeds of a rock star dream, familiar vibes and a representation of the bands elevated level. Perfectly crafting rifts that could be the intro to an anime, or the end credits, meticulously written for a catchy purpose. A humbler beginning shows older work with a vast harsher quality. Almost as if black sludge could make a noise. While a stage performance would be a sight to perceive. Intense mosh pits worth observing but at a safe distance, a high energy performance probably only matched only by the band. Within destruction is a heavy hitter in the metal scene, but worth every second. 

Pictures from google and bands social media, I do not own any rights just a fan sharing.

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