Featured Friday! Babelord

Set the date 3/25/22, this is the day the world ends, more the like the world currently known ends. Babelord is releasing a new song, unfortunately due to fear of being abducted and used for experiments by the extraterrestrial beings. Only some spoilers are allowed, for they are always watching from above. Stick around for my thoughts on the new song and a little hint to some details! 

As mentioned before babelord is an entity hailing from far off, 2.5 million light years away. Past the ninth quasar within the andromeda galaxy, is Galactar, where our lovely being calls home. Set with the mission of spreading infinite, unconditional, intergalactic love to inhabitants of planet earth. All jokes aside, remember in the early 1990’s, tv specials when an alien makes an appearance. Full body suit usually silver, a head band with antenna attached to the top, made of tinsel. Take that character give them a guitar and make some funk/synth pop and we have our band. Honestly the whole aesthetic is astonishing, and the hope is that this alien does the abductions “beam me up!”. Having crafted a fun character with a fully fledge back story that could be the main plot in an episode of Sabrina the teenage witch or even the secret world of Alex Mack. It’s a Mandela effect, babelord was in those shows more like there is no proof to say otherwise.  Maybe it’s a gimmick, or our first real contact with intelligent life outside our solar system. Only time will tell but for all those Denver locals we say goodbye to our favorite alien. Now in LA crafting that interstellar sound, at their base of operations broadcasting those funky beats in the atmosphere. 

An upcoming band with a few ep’s released “No cake” Is the stand out song “in my opinion”. Fine line of synth pop with catchy beats to craft dance inducing rent free bop. Most viewed song “love without wanting” is a fully developed concept with a cohesive story matching the bands origin. It’s almost like we received our generations b-52’s with babe being the main subject. Visually the voice doesn’t match, a higher pitch is anticipated but babe is gifted with a well-rounded voice. An artistry of distortion and emphasizing tones, not regular in these genres of music. Aesthetically if they decided to do a spoken word poem with laser blast sounds it would be modern art or an abstract installation piece. Unbeknownst to all this could be a second project, floating around with a different name. It is highly possible that their first attempt in the music scene was an 80’s American rock band. The vocals complement that style, demonstrating babe’s versatility. At this rate it would be something worth keeping an ear out if that project ever did come to light.

Babelords new song quick thoughts

*Spoiler Alert*

It is before 3/25/22, as of now this song is unreleased, after that date come back and see if you agree. Luckily babelord was kind enough to share their new song with me. Due to fear of waking up on an operating table with a probe in places that normally don’t get it. There is very little I can share; it is not mine, and I do not want to steal the spotlight. What detail that is provided “K” is the first letter of the tracks name. The Intro to the song has an 8- bit sound, like a boss battle in an old school Nintendo game. A level played repeatedly just to hear, and the character idled just to get that melody on repeat. Compared to older songs they have leveled up their game, and if this trend continues it won’t be long till you see them featured on a Spotify’s upcoming artist playlist or sampled for a movie. Lyrically they hit the original directive for visiting planet earth but still more work is a head to share infinite, unconditional, intergalactic love.


Babelord is a group everyone should have on a playlist just to show people. The music is great, a lively time and it is what music is lacking. A fully crafted story and music reminiscent of early pop stars with a double life. It won’t be long till they are opening for bands like “Magdalena Bay” or at the same festival. Collaborating for a song it could be the next hit of summer, playing on every radio station for that one hit wonder effect. At their current trajectory their future is bright, just like all the stars in the galaxy. 

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