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Poppy, what happened to her?

Is she worth seeing?

Unfortunately moving forward would be very difficult without explaining poppy and her many renditions. The direct collaboration with Titanic Sinclair crafting her start in the scene with “that poppy” to current stage name, “poppy”. To titanic previous project Mars Argo and the heavy influence, it has had on current poppy. Titanic started off as a youtuber and musician with his girlfriend at the time, Brittany sheets aka mars argo. Original channel gave birth to the computer show, where mars and titanic made music for the theme song. Reoccurring themes were making fun of internet culture and our society, which later would be heavily featured in poppy’s content. Due to a messy break up, titanic and mars split ways and he started working with who we now know as poppy, her YouTube style, sound, and imagery was all Titanic’s original project and YouTube persona. Adapted and changed by poppy being the main subject and no longer titanic, this would start the rise and eventual fall of their relationship. While making and creating music, with Titanic’s departure being a huge aspect of older poppy and a new style and sound being the solo creation from Moriah “poppy herself”.

Poppy.Computer tour

Named after her first full length album and continuing the trend of internet culture. This was poppy’s first tour leaving behind her previous name “that poppy” and record company. Keeping two songs from her first rendition from the bubble bath ep, “lowlife and Money”, and touring hosting a vip package consisting of poppy talking via tv screen. For this debut tour the opening act, Charlotte her mannequin friend who was featured on the poppy movie, song, various YouTube videos. A slight nod and joke on our society, and dj’s not really being active participates in playing music. Charlotte started her set by just being existent in the panel, titanic walked out pressed play and the show began. Later came poppy and her set, which started off with titanic bringing Kool aide on stage simulating the last meeting of the people temple movement. Poppy telling audience members, I am not in a cult and encouraging everyone to drink, while a poison logo in the back was present and asking if everyone trusted her. On stage was two pink body suit men dawning wigs and tool skirts with face masks, just as background dancers. While poppy sang in a sequins pink 80’s dream dress, walking across the stage robotically posing and having little interaction with the audience. Only talking to the crowd once having them join in and yell for charlotte to go away after she finished singing “my style featuring charlotte. The experience was heavily influenced by computer interactions, present but not so much to be close to.

Am I a Girl? Tour

The original tour date was postponed so the opening acts, Kailee morgue and Jaria burns, were not present during all dates. Kailee stayed on the tour till Halloween, Jaria was out for the league of legends 2018 opening ceremony and recording of k/da first song. (I met Kailee and asked her about poppy, she never got to meet or talk to her, the whole tour they had no interaction and she only ever talked to titanic about business details). The Denver show had local artist yaSi, a performer who is always present at the underground music showcase. A rare distinction between shows was poppy’s actions, more of herself, dancing and higher energy and even talking to the audience. Her outfit was less encumbered, a corset and miniskirt showing off her tiny frame, around her was a guitar because unlike last show she was playing during this set. Two collaboration singles were played, “time is up ft diplo and play destroy ft grimes”. Importance of the collaboration is poppy was still on diplo’s record label, later she left due to issues with the way business was conducted. Grimes and poppy had a falling out over the song, issuing statements of nda, and bully tactics. All while titanic and poppy had rumors circulating of them ending their relationship, which was straining on her career and style. This accounts for poppy being able to smile and show more human characteristic compared to the robot persona present in the past. 

I disagree Tour

I disagree tour, was a complete 180 from all other poppy shows. After the falling out with titanic, claims of emotional abuse and a lawsuit by Brittany sheets for copy rights. All unfolded in poppy’s new sound and record label, lyrics, I disagree was a metal album under Sumerian records. X and scary mask were a glimpse into what she was transforming into, with many interviews being more organic and crediting bands like nine-inch nails as inspiration. Titanic being out of the picture all the old aspects of poppy were no longer around and it is a huge factor in poppy as we know now.  Appearance wise poppy went back to her natural hair color, ditching the old bleach blonde aesthetic and persona. On stage dressed in a sunflower blue tunic with shorts, while back up band was in face masks playing their instruments. Like previous sets poppy was acting differently, jumping around, and spinning showing high energy, most passionate she has ever been. Now metal, only playing one song from her previous album “am I a girl” but still having  ,x, play destroy singles in the setlist. New addition and only played at a couple venues was the cover of tatus “all the things she said”. For the opening act, vowws who suited the new style that poppy is but didn’t seem to be so memorable.   

Never find my place Tour

Flux being the newest album released, it was time for a new tour and to grace the stage we got the gem Mz Neon. Imagine a mix of industrial, rap with some abrasive sexual transgender vibe and you have the opener. Just like new starting off acts some parts were not as polished, but lots of potential and with age will only improve. Going forward they would be an artist to keep tabs on, a name that we could use for comparison, Brooke Candy. Onward to our main act, like previous shows it was only one opener and then poppy made her appearance. Still rocking natural hair and wearing a vest/shirt combo and shorts underneath like the last tours outfit. Performance was still and a little uncomfortable, walking around on stage and marching in place, with some talking to the crowd. Encouragement of mosh pits with little success but still having a handful of people participating. just like am I a girl tour, poppy did help play a couple songs but retreating to walking around and marching/ skipping in one spot. Adding screams to her songs unfortunately very lack luster compared to other female artist in and out of the scene. Screech would be a better term used to describe the noise, unique and different. Did not add much positive effects to the song but great to see uncharted territory. Whole vibe of the show was optimistic from the fans but personally to me it just seems substandard.       

Is Poppy worth it?

For this last tour, in my opinion, no, poppy is not worth it. Being the expert and following her career from the beginning and knowing all renditions. The poppy we all fell in love with no longer exist and that is fine she is in a better place, but she is lost. Going from a trail blazer of her scene to just a copy of the trends, style, looks, persona. It was like watching a babymetal fan who put on a show, not very polished. Personally poppy needs to find who she is as an artist before I would say she is worth seeing again. Until that day, time and resources are better spent elsewhere but who knows what the next rendition will be. It could be the better version of poppy that will warrant praise for her originality but until then that $33 is best spent on another act. 

Mz Neon, go give follow and listen

Featured Friday! Babelord

Set the date 3/25/22, this is the day the world ends, more the like the world currently known ends. Babelord is releasing a new song, unfortunately due to fear of being abducted and used for experiments by the extraterrestrial beings. Only some spoilers are allowed, for they are always watching from above. Stick around for my thoughts on the new song and a little hint to some details! 

As mentioned before babelord is an entity hailing from far off, 2.5 million light years away. Past the ninth quasar within the andromeda galaxy, is Galactar, where our lovely being calls home. Set with the mission of spreading infinite, unconditional, intergalactic love to inhabitants of planet earth. All jokes aside, remember in the early 1990’s, tv specials when an alien makes an appearance. Full body suit usually silver, a head band with antenna attached to the top, made of tinsel. Take that character give them a guitar and make some funk/synth pop and we have our band. Honestly the whole aesthetic is astonishing, and the hope is that this alien does the abductions “beam me up!”. Having crafted a fun character with a fully fledge back story that could be the main plot in an episode of Sabrina the teenage witch or even the secret world of Alex Mack. It’s a Mandela effect, babelord was in those shows more like there is no proof to say otherwise.  Maybe it’s a gimmick, or our first real contact with intelligent life outside our solar system. Only time will tell but for all those Denver locals we say goodbye to our favorite alien. Now in LA crafting that interstellar sound, at their base of operations broadcasting those funky beats in the atmosphere. 

An upcoming band with a few ep’s released “No cake” Is the stand out song “in my opinion”. Fine line of synth pop with catchy beats to craft dance inducing rent free bop. Most viewed song “love without wanting” is a fully developed concept with a cohesive story matching the bands origin. It’s almost like we received our generations b-52’s with babe being the main subject. Visually the voice doesn’t match, a higher pitch is anticipated but babe is gifted with a well-rounded voice. An artistry of distortion and emphasizing tones, not regular in these genres of music. Aesthetically if they decided to do a spoken word poem with laser blast sounds it would be modern art or an abstract installation piece. Unbeknownst to all this could be a second project, floating around with a different name. It is highly possible that their first attempt in the music scene was an 80’s American rock band. The vocals complement that style, demonstrating babe’s versatility. At this rate it would be something worth keeping an ear out if that project ever did come to light.

Babelords new song quick thoughts

*Spoiler Alert*

It is before 3/25/22, as of now this song is unreleased, after that date come back and see if you agree. Luckily babelord was kind enough to share their new song with me. Due to fear of waking up on an operating table with a probe in places that normally don’t get it. There is very little I can share; it is not mine, and I do not want to steal the spotlight. What detail that is provided “K” is the first letter of the tracks name. The Intro to the song has an 8- bit sound, like a boss battle in an old school Nintendo game. A level played repeatedly just to hear, and the character idled just to get that melody on repeat. Compared to older songs they have leveled up their game, and if this trend continues it won’t be long till you see them featured on a Spotify’s upcoming artist playlist or sampled for a movie. Lyrically they hit the original directive for visiting planet earth but still more work is a head to share infinite, unconditional, intergalactic love.


Babelord is a group everyone should have on a playlist just to show people. The music is great, a lively time and it is what music is lacking. A fully crafted story and music reminiscent of early pop stars with a double life. It won’t be long till they are opening for bands like “Magdalena Bay” or at the same festival. Collaborating for a song it could be the next hit of summer, playing on every radio station for that one hit wonder effect. At their current trajectory their future is bright, just like all the stars in the galaxy. 

Just a short bio

Howdy everyone reading and thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me. I’m doing my very best to bring some content I think people will enjoy. Even if you do not, maybe you will discover some artist that you haven’t heard. I wanted to share a little about myself to get acquainted. My name is Ivan, and I am starting this to share my love of music with anyone that will listen. My intentions are to get out of my comfort zone and be present in the world. All my life I have been obsessed with music but of course I never took the time to learn the instruments I cherished. In school I was playing a classical instrument (clarinet) but always wanted to learn guitar. From middle to high school, I quit playing due to embarrassment convincing myself band wasn’t cool. Now I regret that because who knows what doors would have been open. Although I made that statement, I am still working towards my dreams of making music. In the meantime, I just want to do what I find the most joy in my life and that is being in music culture. Besides that, I love fashion and all sorts of various styles. So, you might see me out at a local show in some strange styles. Now I want to take the time to say everything going forward is my opinion. This is how I feel about these topics, and I agree everyone is entitled to their own. My plan is never to bash, hate, send any negative feeling to any artist. Just to share how the music makes me feel, think, and interpret. I will not always agree and even some voices are not my favorite but that’s okay. these artists deserve credit where its due. So going forward I am humbled to be able to share my thoughts, fashion, and concert lifestyle with anyone who will listen. Thank you for being present. 

Is Dua Lipa worth it?

Here is the question, is she worth the ticket price? In the end will do a couple sentences wrap up, so skip ahead if you want

Caroline Polachek

Who is Caroline? How did she end up as the opener for dua Lipa? How does she really connect these artists? According to Spotify, slayyyter, Magdalena Bay, Shygirl, Liz, Dorian Electra are all similar artists. No correlation and yet somehow, she ends up on a shuffle ruining the dance ascetic. There is a time and place for most things, but a pop diva fantasy is not one. An indie or alternative environment is more accurate and knowing her first band clears the confusion on how the decision was made. One of the founding members of chairlifts, with most well-known song being “bruises” and adding her writing talent for artist like Charlie xcx, Beyonce, Travis Scott. Theoretically it should work, on paper it translates well, big names, high received sales on songs, in real life the attention and focus were lacking from the audience. With only half of the venue filled and people still waiting in line for merch, it was an easy act to skip or pass over, time better spent getting ready for the names ahead. One major point that should be stressed and still frustrates me, do not add indie pop to a dance pop playlist the tempo alone drives down the whole feeling. She is talented can sing and write but her general bpm is slower driving down the whole energy, out of element. Out ranked and out match, but still some remediable qualities were the outfit and visuals. A red skintight body suit with a corset over and a couple pieces of fabric attached at the sleeve, embroidered with beads and glitter. Looks were there and did match the type of energy the show wanted, best part of her performance was the visual light gate behind her. Very Victorian era style an evil queen vibe, down fall is it never followed the beat, very distracting and hard to focus with it being sporadic. To be the opener for two of the biggest names in the industries must be a daunting task, one hand you are exposed to all their fans, but you get the harshest criticism.

Megan Thee Stallion

By no means is Megan thee stallion and artist I would generally listen to or someone I like. Don’t let that statement diminish the fact that she put on a show. Is it something I would pay for, no, on name alone she would never be someone I would spend money on. Can I see the appeal, yes totally, and the respect will be given because it was fully earned. Megan sold it, without compromising her brand and style she did her thing and the audience loved it. They were receptive of it, and if i was a fan I would also be living for it and that is the best thing, she knew who her demographic was and how to reach them. Out of all the acts she was the most interactive, signing a fans chest mid set. Taking the phone from a fan and recording a video of herself. Just a woman who is a performer and did just that, best energy any artist can do which is connect with the people who help put her there. main concern was just the content of her show with kids being present, parents should be more active in the kid’s life. Including content that their children are filtering or what they deem acceptable and age appropriate. This is not a dig at any of them, most pop music is not made for children it is made by adults for that purpose, to relate common themes with a good beat. Perfect example of marketability, all ages but shouldn’t be, that is left up to the guardian and what they want to expose the younger generation to. Rapping and singing are two different skills and one point is Megan only rapped about ¾ of her own music, chalk that up to maybe altitude or the fact she was trying to jump around the whole show. A decent amount of time the background track was overheard more than her talking into the microphone, record and live she is very different almost not the same voice. Despite the vocals, visually her pink bondage strap number holding everything in place was stunning, everything else was basic but the level of hype she brought made up for the rest of the shortcomings.  

Dua Lipa

Let’s just say she is the queen of soft choreography; we have all seen the meme of her dancing. You know the one? When she is doing the corkscrew hip movement. Here is the deal, I am totally fine with that because she delivered. Soon into her set it became very apparent that she is not the best at dancing, but what she lacks in coordination she makes up in talent. A huge element I really want to highlight is the fact that she had a whole dance crew, including openly gay/ trans members and before the set even started, all of them were introduced on the jumbotron. The whole time she was very aware of her dancers and wanted everyone to know who they are. For a queen is no one without her people, and dua displayed that all too well. 

Back to the fact that she may not be the best at dancing, easy choreographed skills, some hand points, and walking. A couple dips and help from back up dancers grabbing her and turning her around. A fair trade off for hitting all those notes, little energy spend dancing around means having full lung capacity to sing. She accomplished that, having a background track but rarely relying on it, for every sound you heard during the set was directly from her singing ability. Sometimes pop stars forget how to put on a show or make it all about big lights and expensive costumes. The thing about this show was a minimalist approach, focus was on the dancers, back drops and dua herself. Small breaks for the three outfit changes, yellow skintight lace, silver underwater dream, and black and nude vixen. She did it all, and even had a moment with the audience, but how much did they spend on umbrellas or was it just in Denver when she took one from a dancer. Used it as a prop for a while and then threw it out into a sea of fans? 

Final question, is dua lipa worth the money? Let’s break it down if you want to have a nosebleed seat for her set it would be $100 that is top level at ball arena. Not the worst, an aerial view of the whole show, maybe splurge for a little closer about level 1 or Ga. Finding a ticket at a reasonable price for that location is hard but not impossible. I have never been a huge dua gay but after seeing that performance I know why she has such a loyal fan base, and she did win me over. I would pay for her show but no more than $200 to see her, it was a show in all aspect, visual, singing, interactive.

One sentence summary

Caroline, would have been better suited opening for someone else

Megan, not my scene but hyped up and cares for her fans

Dua Gay icon for a reason and I now know why

Featured Friday, Panther Martin

Growing up did anyone else ever watch a clip, or a show with a time period piece. Around the 1920’s, with men in fedoras and 3-piece suits? Smoking cigarettes, wearing suspenders and wingtip shoes? A guy in a studio narrating a horse race, or on the radio speaking in a devolved condenser microphone. That sound or voice is universal, an early Hollywood magic everyone has an idea or can hear it in their heads. Now imagine that voice singing and turn that voice into catchy mellow alternative rock. Hear it? The real thing is better, and it comes from Denver Colorado in the form of a band named “Panther martin”

Support local artist, Denver based! Go add them and give a listen!

Denver locals have had the pleasure of experiencing and seeing live performances. Panther martin is a big deal locally, usually packing a small venue to the brim or drawing the attention away from headlining acts. A hard hitter at “the underground music showcase” and a staple, always on the roster for good reasons. All shows are guaranteed fun experiences with back stories and likely taking place at venues such as, lost lake lounge, Larimer lounge or hi-dive. It is very apparent the members have cultivated a life in this city, and it is only a matter of time before these guys enter the long list of great musicians hailing from Colorado  

“American Power Pop” A self-described synopsis, that carries truth but the previously describe scenario is an accurate analogy. Logistically, the sound effect is coming from the microphone used by the band. Don’t let that comment categorize this group into a gimmick band or pigeonhole them. Behind the mic is still a talented singer who just uses a medium to create an original sound. To date no other band or artist comes to mind implementing this tactic, being a trail blazer on a unique concept. If anyone else were to do it at this point, they will be drawing inspiration from panther martin. Given the circumstances a performance that must be seen, between the high energy, catchy aesthetic, and great atmosphere. An upcoming band, but already a fully developed concept gaining moment every set they play

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March 1, Claud, Dad bod, State drugs

Concert coverage!

When covid hit, our society did a great job of limiting transmissions. Social gatherings, and live music were no longer plausible. Everyone was hit hard, but now we are back and better than ever. Starting off the season right and documenting concert experiences. As a patron of the event here is an opinion from my perspective.

State Drugs

h State drugs is a band that is unfortunately a victim of wrong place, wrong time. Their sound is very reminiscent of a 90’s teen film, just think; Ten things I hate about you, Clueless and she’s all that. Could easily be featured in any film soundtrack, during that time launching their careers. A pop-punk grunge vibe, mixed in with light sing talking, only thing missing is ska elements. Still, a high energy display from both guitarists trading off between main solos and back up strumming. In the words of my friend “the drummer is amazing” and he was so in awe by him. After watching his skills unfold and now convinced drumming is his calling. On record they are very cohesive, and the singing meshes well. That was not the case for a live performance, having the vocals unfortunately drowned out. A local Denver group who will be playing again and has high prospect for further crafting their sound.

Dad Bod

last fm

Super bias on the next band, the name, presence, sound, all done beautifully. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the band named “Dad bod” A band full of people who do not have a dad bod and do not sound like a dad. Naming the band this seems like a dad joke, and it works. With a nod to early 90’s fashion, an eccentric substitution guitarist with no shoes and a fashionable drummer. This is a band to look out for, soft vocals mixed steadily towards a fully-fledged jamming session. On the edge of indie pop, with grunge elements, sad girl music vibe. Heavily influenced by raw emotions with hypnotizing calming rifts. On record they stand up even better, hearing all the subtle elements blending seamlessly and having the same experience in person. Ending a mesmerizing set “Callie” laid on the floor singing to the audience, only negative aspect is the sanitary conditions of the marquis floor. True punk rock right there. 


For our final act and the reason bringing everyone together. Mr. bitch himself “Claud” one fun fact about the show it’s his second time at the marquis theater. First being years ago opening for the maria’s, ironically playing the summit music hall. Claud has had some time to hone his skills and it was evident in the lack of difference between recorded tracks and live performance. Meaning the whole show is what you would expect, vocals matched, playing was cohesive. Unknown skill but much needed was his handling ability of the crowd and the situational moments. A drunk couple raised their hand in between song to ask the bassist’s name, screaming praises at her. To the rest of audience raising their hands to try and ask a question. Followed up by a short conversation regarding small world moments and finishing off the night with a happy birthday sang by all. All while keeping a smile on his face and moving the energy along, wonderful performer. High energy when needed and soft and mellow when the energy dictated. An artist who has found his stride and keeps at it, only the next show will demonstrate all the improvement and momentum. 

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Metal/hardcore Monday!

Within Destruction

Metal/hardcore, is not a cup of tea everyone wants to drink, but still is a style of music with talent and skill. A hard scene to jump into, but those who are heavy players have crafted an artform. Based on skill, sound and even unique ability they demonstrate. This is a tribute to a band that are in that style which I own no rights, all my opinions and thoughts. Metal Monday 

Photograph: Mlenny/Getty Images

A Slovenian metal band that might watch anime? Those are the vibes that this band gives, not saying it is a bad trait. Exact opposite, two wonderful medias that tend to intertwine. “Within destruction” is just that, a Death core/ slam band. With their newest album drawing heavy influenced by Japanese aesthetic. Hailing from Jesenice, a city in Slovenia and a central Europe country near the Adriatic Sea. “Side note had no idea where Slovenia is, had to figure out” just the run of mill central Europe death metal band.  

Within destruction demonstrates unique sounds that satisfy internal needs and releases that pent up anger. Trying to emulate their sound would hurt most common folk’s vocal cords but doesn’t halt sing along. With some of the harshest vocals and growls and a crafty spin on their trade. Rok’s voice is not just the strong point of this band, some of the best elements come from the blending of genres flawlessly. Incorporating edm and trap, with their harsh double guitars and pig squeals. 

All aside, even if metal isn’t a type of music generally sought after, credit is due. Stripping down and removing the vocals leaves nothing but masters of guitars. Crafted and honed, making a final product to be awe inspiring skill set. Planting the seeds of a rock star dream, familiar vibes and a representation of the bands elevated level. Perfectly crafting rifts that could be the intro to an anime, or the end credits, meticulously written for a catchy purpose. A humbler beginning shows older work with a vast harsher quality. Almost as if black sludge could make a noise. While a stage performance would be a sight to perceive. Intense mosh pits worth observing but at a safe distance, a high energy performance probably only matched only by the band. Within destruction is a heavy hitter in the metal scene, but worth every second. 

Pictures from google and bands social media, I do not own any rights just a fan sharing.

Featured Friday

The Footlight District.

I own no right, just a fan sharing his opinion. Go send love and follow if you like the band, All links are provided below. Thank you for joining today.

The internet and social media being are on the fore front of everyone’s mind. All the constant information one of the benefits is the ability to connect from all over the world with interesting folks. Finding new bands from other states/ countries that may have not ever made it on a playlist. Hearing a local band from outside of the zip code, feeling like part of that community. Getting a glimpse of that city and music scene, hearing new sounds being produced with the influence call home for those artists. Which brings us to a new band name “the footlight district” who recently became my Instagram friend. One I am honored to give my initial opinion of discovering their music.

Imagine science fiction/ double feature in the rocky horror picture show but make it a woman. Those big red lips singing, mouthing the words but what comes out is a voice with a more wobble effect. Mixed with soul-garage and blended with various classic elements. Going deeper into the discography ever era of music was shining through, from southern country with sixties wood stock era rock vibe. Plus, an intro to a James Bond film with a nod to old thrasher punk group and you have “The Footlight District”. All a distinct sound that is crafted and made reality by this sibling band.

Band camp

Gaining popularity from their song “take the exit” which is featured on ABC’s big sky. The Footlight District is one of those bands that seamlessly blend multiple genres, while making a sound that is distinct. Just hearing the powerful vocals, instantly the light bulb would go off. This is them; this is the footlight district. Only when the singer changes to the male vocals are you thrown for a loop. Wondering if you somehow skipped to an old school punk band. No, same band and yes! we are here for it. The ability to change the sounds of each song leaving the listener guessing if they are on shuffle, a skill not many bands can effectively pull off. Those who try are usually bands that lack any sounds origins that tie those random adventures together. 

War Paint

The new addition of war paint adds extra dramatic effect to the group, showing the fun and resourcefulness of a up and coming band. If the storytelling writing doesn’t get you, the high energy performance that borderline mosh energy will. This band is all glam rock energy with a show presence to stop and draw the eye. After watching thoughts should be “we are going to be best friends!” For my personal comment, “not normally my kind of music, but I am glad to have added songs to my playlist. incomparable, a sound of their own. Give them a listen and send some love their way”.    

Featured Friday Musician


Disclaimer i do not own any rights, just a fan sharing my thought please send love and go follow her and give a listen and share.

Top five songs on Spotify

  1. 80’s makeout session
  2. Love & doubt
  3. Tell me what you want
  4. Strangers?
  5. Cherry tomatoes

Collaboration’s songs 

  1.  Mariah X/ Dacelynn (Thinking act u)
  2. Company located/ Dacelynn/ Corey Wolfe/ Christan Cook (untitled.61818)

Right off, she is 17 turning 18, a self-produced artists with an amazing voice. That is a bias statement, but respect must be earned, and it is fully deserved here. At a formative age, developing the character soon to flourish. With such an early start what can we expect, going forward into this young career? Maturity, growth and lived experiences are all in store for a craft that already shows prowess. Having only a couple singles under her belt, with wishful thinking soon a full-length album is in store. Dacelynn singing style is that of bedroom pop, sweet and soft with a hint of familiarity. Borderline whisper singing and talking, soft enough to hear but not be overheard. Usual style from this subgroup of pop that defines its many artists. Although a vocal talent is predominated and clearly shown in (tell me what you want). Blending her usual style with a nod to alternative rock aesthetic, the newly discovered sound is a nice addition. As bedroom pop may just be a starting point, a harder rock influence could be mastered even elevate an already promising talent. Listening to each song something new latches on, engaging a repeat. With every listen undiscovered sound is disinterred. Showcasing that her voice is not just the main attraction. Each track seems to be built with many layers and taking it all in is part of the experience. A few listens are recommended to catch the fully intended effect. Any song that mixes organic sounds with a well felt desire to lay in a grassy field on a summer day (Heart pressed letters) deserves a repeat. Lyrically, she is simple and straight forward but with strong emotions for loving and wanting. Leading listeners to unintentionally hum the melody until the words are cemented. As part of the lgbtq+ community, a classification as a queer artist seems to restrict the transcending talent. Any sexuality of every gender knows exactly those feelings she manifests and shares through her music. Showing a sense of vulnerability with a level of empathy. An ability shown while working with Masiah X providing a dreamy track that complements both artists. Final thoughts: Inspiring bedroom pop musician with a vast skill of self-produced music that has limitless possibilities. Anyone who finds her, wholeheartedly embraces everything Dacelynn. 

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