Is Dua Lipa worth it?

Here is the question, is she worth the ticket price? In the end will do a couple sentences wrap up, so skip ahead if you want

Caroline Polachek

Who is Caroline? How did she end up as the opener for dua Lipa? How does she really connect these artists? According to Spotify, slayyyter, Magdalena Bay, Shygirl, Liz, Dorian Electra are all similar artists. No correlation and yet somehow, she ends up on a shuffle ruining the dance ascetic. There is a time and place for most things, but a pop diva fantasy is not one. An indie or alternative environment is more accurate and knowing her first band clears the confusion on how the decision was made. One of the founding members of chairlifts, with most well-known song being “bruises” and adding her writing talent for artist like Charlie xcx, Beyonce, Travis Scott. Theoretically it should work, on paper it translates well, big names, high received sales on songs, in real life the attention and focus were lacking from the audience. With only half of the venue filled and people still waiting in line for merch, it was an easy act to skip or pass over, time better spent getting ready for the names ahead. One major point that should be stressed and still frustrates me, do not add indie pop to a dance pop playlist the tempo alone drives down the whole feeling. She is talented can sing and write but her general bpm is slower driving down the whole energy, out of element. Out ranked and out match, but still some remediable qualities were the outfit and visuals. A red skintight body suit with a corset over and a couple pieces of fabric attached at the sleeve, embroidered with beads and glitter. Looks were there and did match the type of energy the show wanted, best part of her performance was the visual light gate behind her. Very Victorian era style an evil queen vibe, down fall is it never followed the beat, very distracting and hard to focus with it being sporadic. To be the opener for two of the biggest names in the industries must be a daunting task, one hand you are exposed to all their fans, but you get the harshest criticism.

Megan Thee Stallion

By no means is Megan thee stallion and artist I would generally listen to or someone I like. Don’t let that statement diminish the fact that she put on a show. Is it something I would pay for, no, on name alone she would never be someone I would spend money on. Can I see the appeal, yes totally, and the respect will be given because it was fully earned. Megan sold it, without compromising her brand and style she did her thing and the audience loved it. They were receptive of it, and if i was a fan I would also be living for it and that is the best thing, she knew who her demographic was and how to reach them. Out of all the acts she was the most interactive, signing a fans chest mid set. Taking the phone from a fan and recording a video of herself. Just a woman who is a performer and did just that, best energy any artist can do which is connect with the people who help put her there. main concern was just the content of her show with kids being present, parents should be more active in the kid’s life. Including content that their children are filtering or what they deem acceptable and age appropriate. This is not a dig at any of them, most pop music is not made for children it is made by adults for that purpose, to relate common themes with a good beat. Perfect example of marketability, all ages but shouldn’t be, that is left up to the guardian and what they want to expose the younger generation to. Rapping and singing are two different skills and one point is Megan only rapped about ¾ of her own music, chalk that up to maybe altitude or the fact she was trying to jump around the whole show. A decent amount of time the background track was overheard more than her talking into the microphone, record and live she is very different almost not the same voice. Despite the vocals, visually her pink bondage strap number holding everything in place was stunning, everything else was basic but the level of hype she brought made up for the rest of the shortcomings.  

Dua Lipa

Let’s just say she is the queen of soft choreography; we have all seen the meme of her dancing. You know the one? When she is doing the corkscrew hip movement. Here is the deal, I am totally fine with that because she delivered. Soon into her set it became very apparent that she is not the best at dancing, but what she lacks in coordination she makes up in talent. A huge element I really want to highlight is the fact that she had a whole dance crew, including openly gay/ trans members and before the set even started, all of them were introduced on the jumbotron. The whole time she was very aware of her dancers and wanted everyone to know who they are. For a queen is no one without her people, and dua displayed that all too well. 

Back to the fact that she may not be the best at dancing, easy choreographed skills, some hand points, and walking. A couple dips and help from back up dancers grabbing her and turning her around. A fair trade off for hitting all those notes, little energy spend dancing around means having full lung capacity to sing. She accomplished that, having a background track but rarely relying on it, for every sound you heard during the set was directly from her singing ability. Sometimes pop stars forget how to put on a show or make it all about big lights and expensive costumes. The thing about this show was a minimalist approach, focus was on the dancers, back drops and dua herself. Small breaks for the three outfit changes, yellow skintight lace, silver underwater dream, and black and nude vixen. She did it all, and even had a moment with the audience, but how much did they spend on umbrellas or was it just in Denver when she took one from a dancer. Used it as a prop for a while and then threw it out into a sea of fans? 

Final question, is dua lipa worth the money? Let’s break it down if you want to have a nosebleed seat for her set it would be $100 that is top level at ball arena. Not the worst, an aerial view of the whole show, maybe splurge for a little closer about level 1 or Ga. Finding a ticket at a reasonable price for that location is hard but not impossible. I have never been a huge dua gay but after seeing that performance I know why she has such a loyal fan base, and she did win me over. I would pay for her show but no more than $200 to see her, it was a show in all aspect, visual, singing, interactive.

One sentence summary

Caroline, would have been better suited opening for someone else

Megan, not my scene but hyped up and cares for her fans

Dua Gay icon for a reason and I now know why