Featured Friday, Panther Martin

Growing up did anyone else ever watch a clip, or a show with a time period piece. Around the 1920’s, with men in fedoras and 3-piece suits? Smoking cigarettes, wearing suspenders and wingtip shoes? A guy in a studio narrating a horse race, or on the radio speaking in a devolved condenser microphone. That sound or voice is universal, an early Hollywood magic everyone has an idea or can hear it in their heads. Now imagine that voice singing and turn that voice into catchy mellow alternative rock. Hear it? The real thing is better, and it comes from Denver Colorado in the form of a band named “Panther martin”

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Denver locals have had the pleasure of experiencing and seeing live performances. Panther martin is a big deal locally, usually packing a small venue to the brim or drawing the attention away from headlining acts. A hard hitter at “the underground music showcase” and a staple, always on the roster for good reasons. All shows are guaranteed fun experiences with back stories and likely taking place at venues such as, lost lake lounge, Larimer lounge or hi-dive. It is very apparent the members have cultivated a life in this city, and it is only a matter of time before these guys enter the long list of great musicians hailing from Colorado  

“American Power Pop” A self-described synopsis, that carries truth but the previously describe scenario is an accurate analogy. Logistically, the sound effect is coming from the microphone used by the band. Don’t let that comment categorize this group into a gimmick band or pigeonhole them. Behind the mic is still a talented singer who just uses a medium to create an original sound. To date no other band or artist comes to mind implementing this tactic, being a trail blazer on a unique concept. If anyone else were to do it at this point, they will be drawing inspiration from panther martin. Given the circumstances a performance that must be seen, between the high energy, catchy aesthetic, and great atmosphere. An upcoming band, but already a fully developed concept gaining moment every set they play

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