Featured Friday

The Footlight District.

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The internet and social media being are on the fore front of everyone’s mind. All the constant information one of the benefits is the ability to connect from all over the world with interesting folks. Finding new bands from other states/ countries that may have not ever made it on a playlist. Hearing a local band from outside of the zip code, feeling like part of that community. Getting a glimpse of that city and music scene, hearing new sounds being produced with the influence call home for those artists. Which brings us to a new band name “the footlight district” who recently became my Instagram friend. One I am honored to give my initial opinion of discovering their music.

Imagine science fiction/ double feature in the rocky horror picture show but make it a woman. Those big red lips singing, mouthing the words but what comes out is a voice with a more wobble effect. Mixed with soul-garage and blended with various classic elements. Going deeper into the discography ever era of music was shining through, from southern country with sixties wood stock era rock vibe. Plus, an intro to a James Bond film with a nod to old thrasher punk group and you have “The Footlight District”. All a distinct sound that is crafted and made reality by this sibling band.

Band camp

Gaining popularity from their song “take the exit” which is featured on ABC’s big sky. The Footlight District is one of those bands that seamlessly blend multiple genres, while making a sound that is distinct. Just hearing the powerful vocals, instantly the light bulb would go off. This is them; this is the footlight district. Only when the singer changes to the male vocals are you thrown for a loop. Wondering if you somehow skipped to an old school punk band. No, same band and yes! we are here for it. The ability to change the sounds of each song leaving the listener guessing if they are on shuffle, a skill not many bands can effectively pull off. Those who try are usually bands that lack any sounds origins that tie those random adventures together. 

War Paint

The new addition of war paint adds extra dramatic effect to the group, showing the fun and resourcefulness of a up and coming band. If the storytelling writing doesn’t get you, the high energy performance that borderline mosh energy will. This band is all glam rock energy with a show presence to stop and draw the eye. After watching thoughts should be “we are going to be best friends!” For my personal comment, “not normally my kind of music, but I am glad to have added songs to my playlist. incomparable, a sound of their own. Give them a listen and send some love their way”.