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Disclaimer i do not own any rights, just a fan sharing my thought please send love and go follow her and give a listen and share.

Top five songs on Spotify

  1. 80’s makeout session
  2. Love & doubt
  3. Tell me what you want
  4. Strangers?
  5. Cherry tomatoes

Collaboration’s songs 

  1.  Mariah X/ Dacelynn (Thinking act u)
  2. Company located/ Dacelynn/ Corey Wolfe/ Christan Cook (untitled.61818)

Right off, she is 17 turning 18, a self-produced artists with an amazing voice. That is a bias statement, but respect must be earned, and it is fully deserved here. At a formative age, developing the character soon to flourish. With such an early start what can we expect, going forward into this young career? Maturity, growth and lived experiences are all in store for a craft that already shows prowess. Having only a couple singles under her belt, with wishful thinking soon a full-length album is in store. Dacelynn singing style is that of bedroom pop, sweet and soft with a hint of familiarity. Borderline whisper singing and talking, soft enough to hear but not be overheard. Usual style from this subgroup of pop that defines its many artists. Although a vocal talent is predominated and clearly shown in (tell me what you want). Blending her usual style with a nod to alternative rock aesthetic, the newly discovered sound is a nice addition. As bedroom pop may just be a starting point, a harder rock influence could be mastered even elevate an already promising talent. Listening to each song something new latches on, engaging a repeat. With every listen undiscovered sound is disinterred. Showcasing that her voice is not just the main attraction. Each track seems to be built with many layers and taking it all in is part of the experience. A few listens are recommended to catch the fully intended effect. Any song that mixes organic sounds with a well felt desire to lay in a grassy field on a summer day (Heart pressed letters) deserves a repeat. Lyrically, she is simple and straight forward but with strong emotions for loving and wanting. Leading listeners to unintentionally hum the melody until the words are cemented. As part of the lgbtq+ community, a classification as a queer artist seems to restrict the transcending talent. Any sexuality of every gender knows exactly those feelings she manifests and shares through her music. Showing a sense of vulnerability with a level of empathy. An ability shown while working with Masiah X providing a dreamy track that complements both artists. Final thoughts: Inspiring bedroom pop musician with a vast skill of self-produced music that has limitless possibilities. Anyone who finds her, wholeheartedly embraces everything Dacelynn. 

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